Boston Life Group is an independent life insurance Agency in Boston, Massachusetts.  We specialize in obtaining life insurance coverage for clients with special lifestyle and health conditions.

We work with 50+ insurance companies to find you the best coverage for your given condition.

Examples of our clients include: Prostate & Breast Cancer Survivors, people who have suffered from strokes, Crohn’s and Colitis, Rheumatoid arthritis etc..

While we do offer quotes on our website, we find that the best way to save you money is by focusing on the underwriting.

Our approach is different than most since insurance agencies.  Most tend to focus on showing prices from the most affordable company.

While that works for a fraction of our clients, most people will not necessarily qualify for the lowest rates.

We are local but we mostly do most applications quickly and efficiently over the phone and online.  However, some policies require that we meet face to face and we will gladly set up an appointment in those instances.