Affordable Life Insurance Rates for Overweight individuals

We currently have a great opportunity for overweight and obese people seeking life insurance.  Normally most companies have a height and weight chart that determines the cost of your life insurance policy.  The higher your body mass index, the more likely you will have to pay a higher rate.  Thankfully we have an insurance carrier who does not use a height/weight chart.  Meaning technically someone who is 5’5” weighing 400lbs can qualify for standard rate.

This insurance policy is only limited to $100,000 of coverage and is guaranteed to age 100.  The carrier requires no medical exam.  You will know whether you qualify as soon as you apply.  The carrier will not accept anyone who has previously been declined for life insurance or anyone with a history of Cancer, AIDS and heart disease.  However, anyone who is obese but doesn’t have any major health problems mentioned above should qualify for coverage.

For example, We had a young mother the age of 35.  She was 5’4” and 235lbs.  The best she could qualify for $100,00 of coverage was $108/month.  We were able to secure her a policy for $52/month.  That’s more than half the price saved every month.

Now we are an independent agency, we don’t usually single out any one carrier because there are many carriers that have different strengths and weaknesses and we try to find the best fit for you.  However this is a unique opportunity especially for overweight people and folks who have a condition not mentioned in this article.