How to avoid paying smoker rates on your life insurance policy

Smokers can avoid paying smoker rates on their life insurance policies by using these strategies

Could it be that we get smokers to avoid paying smoker rates on their life insurance policies?  

The answer is a simple Yes.  Of course there are some caveats so read below to know how to circumvent having that dreaded “Tobacco” or “Smoker” rating on your coverage.

While many agents tend to rely on a single insurance carrier.  We work with multiple insurance companies and know which ones are lenient toward smokers.   

Yes even for current cigarette smokers.  Read below for more details

Current Smokers

If you currently smoke cigarettes, only 1 out of the 50+ insurance carriers will let you pay non smoker rates.  

The coverage is limited to $100,000 for people under 50, $50,000 for folks under 60 and $25,000 for ages 61-64.  There is not standard non smoker coverage available for anyone 65 or older.

As you can see, the coverage is very limited, but if you fit those parameters, it’s a great option for cigarette smokers.

We also have one company who is willing to offer Non smoker rates for occasional smokers.  We’re talking the 1-2 times a month type of smoker.  We understand that the vast majority of smokers are smoking way more than that.  However if you fit that description, you should be able to get non smoker rates from them.

How Quitting can help you save money on your life insurance policy

Teachers, Coaches and any mentors you have encountered in life have always told you that quitting is not an option.  

Little did they know that quitting smoking could save you a boat load of money.  

We have quite a few insurance carriErs who are willing to offer you non smoker rates a year after you quit smoking.

Most want to see you go a whole year without smoking one cigarette.  

If they require an exam, they will definitely check to see if you have an nicotine in your system.  

Tobacco Chewers and Dippers

If you consume tobacco only by chewing or dipping, you are in luck.  

We have a handful of companies who will be willing to give you non smoker rates.

You might not qualify for their Preferred Plus rate but you should be able to get Standard or even Standard Plus.  

For more information on Health Classes, Read This.

Cigar Smokers

I know what you’re thinking.  “I only smoke the occasional cigars for certain special events, why should I get dinged for a higher life insurance premium?”.

Fortunately, many insurance carriers agree with you.  They will allow the occasional smokers to get their best non smoker rates as long as they smoke about once a month.

Some companies allow for a slightly more frequent use while others are not as liberal but most go easy on occasional cigar smokers.

Here are three key points that will allow you get the best rates

  • You must admit that you smoke cigars on the application.  If the carrier finds out in the underwriting process that you smoke cigars even if it’s once in a while, they will not extend you that offer.
  • You must not test positive for any nicotine.  If you’re an occasional smoker, carriers want to see that you’re able to refrain from smoking before an exam.
  • Do not use any other form nicotine: this includes cigarettes, vaping, dipping, chewing, and nicotine patches.

What if I’m a smoker with other health conditions?

At Boston Life Group, finding insurance companies with the parameters mentioned above is pretty straightforward.

We’ve worked with these carriers long enough  to know what they will and will not accept.  

However, when you add other variables to the equation, it can get completed.  

An insurance carrier who is lenient toward smokers, might not go easy on other issues like Obesity, Depression, history of cancer etc..

Knowing which insurance companies to turn to when things get complicated is what separates the good insurance agents from the average.  

If you’re a smoker and have other health conditions, skip our quote form on the left and use our Custom Quote Form instead.


Here is a quick summary on the types of smokers who can get non smoker rates on their life insurance policy

  • Current cigarette smokers seeking a  life insurance policy for 100k or less (age 50 and under).  50k (age 60 and under).  This is only available with 1 insurance company at the time of this writing
  • Occasional cigarette smokers. (1-2 times a month).  This also only available with one company at the time.
  • Cigarette smokers who have quit for a 1 full calendar year or longer.
  • Tobacco chewers seeking a life insurance coverage can also get non smoker rates with a handful of insurance carriers.
  • Tobacco dippers seeking life insurance coverage can get non smoker rates with a few insurance carriers.
  • Occasional cigar smokers can get Preferred rates for their life insurance policy.