Read this before purchasing burial insurance in Massachusetts Here is what you should know before applying for burial insurance in MassachusettsAmong all New England states, MA has the fewest options availableInsurance companies do not offer disability riders in MA.While you can purchase coverage if you’re 90 and under in other states, companies in MA only go.. More

Finding Life insurance coverage when you suffer from COPD is no walk in the park.   COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a severe respiratory disease that can be tough to evaluate for many insurance companies. Thankfully, progress has been made in the life insurance to where not all COPD cases are view in the same light… More

You might be overpaying for Term Life Insurance if you’re not aware of these tricks.   Saving money on term life insurance seems simple at first. You go to an independent agent  who has access to multiple companies and he should be able to sign you up withthe company that has the most affordable rate… More

How Buying Term Life Insurance in Massachusetts is different than other statesBuying Term Life Insurance in  Massachusetts is much like buying in many other states except for a couple of minor quirks.  The majority of smaller life insurance companies do not operate in MA.  Though this may sound like a bummer at first, for term.. More

We currently have a great opportunity for overweight and obese people seeking life insurance.  Normally most companies have a height and weight chart that determines the cost of your life insurance policy.  The higher your body mass index, the more likely you will have to pay a higher rate.  Thankfully we have an insurance carrier.. More